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The body is daily transporting a human, a murmur in the quiet. Humming systems hidden underneath what provides protection. Inextricably linked to what makes us us. What does it mean to be human and to have a body available? Formed and entwined with the systems of technology. Looking for differences, similarities and imperfections between computer and mortal, I take on different shapes, roles and materials.



2018 - 2022 Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht/HKU, NL (BA Photography) 


2022 - Winner Keep an Eye Photography stipend


2023 - Do I exist, without my smartwatch?' Passage, AG, Utrecht

2023 - 'Do I exist, without my smartwatch?' Juncture/Display, FUTURES Hub, Amsterdam

2023 - 'On the first data' Do we Care? exhibition, Museum de Fundatie/Kasteel het Nijenhuis, Zwolle

2022 - 'On the first data' Melkweg ArtyParty, Amsterdam

2022 - 'On the first data' Upscaling/Downsizing exhibition, BAK Utrecht

2020 - IMPAKT Festival Exhibition, AG Utrecht

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